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About Framelines

Filmmaking is the new garage band because everyone with a cell phone camera to IMAX are making movies and telling stories about their community, with fiction or reality-based entertainment. Framelines celebrates independent filmmaking, covering the part time hobbyist making movies on weekends to the professionals that make a living doing some part of the process of filmmaking. 30 minute episodes will begin airing in 2010 in various markets on channels TBA soon.

Show Segments

Framelines will interview a filmmaker and look at their body of work and get their views on making movies .

Framelines zeroes in on a story about a person, place, or group and sometimes even technology that relates to movies.

Need some help making movies? These quick videos from award winning filmmakers help demonstrate basic concepts and theories with informative tips.

Framelines goes on location during the process and get inside with the filmmakers while they make movies. Either part of the planning, the shooting, or editing of a film, Framelines shows people how different filmmaker’s approach.

Peter John Ross & Scott Spears host panel discussions either on a specific topic to let people involved in making films express their views in an open forum. It’s like a film festival panel on your TV!

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