TECH TIP - L Cuts/Split Edits

Date: 2016/1/29 1:38:00 Topic: Video

TECH TIP - L Cut Split Edits from Framelines TV on Vimeo.

In this tech tip, we talk about the editing technique called "L-Cuts" also called "Split Edits" that will help make editing smoother for the viewer.


Mike Maletic

Jocelyn Tanis

and Jim Foreman

Director - Peter John Ross

Cinematographer - Greg Sabo

Producers - Peter John Ross

Greg Sabo

Co-Producer - Mike Maletic

Camera Operators - Greg Sabo and Zach Sabo

Gaffer - Jon Spannhake

Grips - Steve Steinmetz

Joseph Fuller

Boom Operator - Micah Jenkins

Production Assistant - Brad Sherman

2nd Assistant Director - Cordelia Calrissian DeVille

Lighting provided by Zabolights

Cameras provided by 4K Cine

Props provided by Production Partners Media

Post Production Facilities provided by Sonnyboo Productions

Shot on Location at

JMO Studios


Special thanks

TJ Cooley

Scott Spears


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