Posted on 2011/6/26 16:35:31

By Scott Spears

Ok, itís finally time to stop moaning about how lousy the movie you watched on DVD last night was, get off your butt and make a movie. The only problem is you donít have a camera. Where do you start? First you have to determine how much you can afford. A useable DV camera is going to be at least $300 and climb up to $6000. If you donít have $300 or somebody who will buy you a camera, then borrow one from a friend, rent one from a rental house or head to the local public access.

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Posted on 2011/6/11 18:17:13

Location, Location, Location: Scouting Tips
by Scott Spears

Just like in real estate, when you leave the studio (if you were ever in one) one of the biggest factors to a good shoot, is location, location, location. Iíve been on many a location scout and have seen some great location and not so great locations. One of the biggest things when seeing what looks like a great location is you have to think will it work logistically. The factors to locations are cost, sound issues, power and logistics. Weíll break those down in a minute.

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Posted on 2011/5/11 11:06:28

I couldnít afford film school. That costs money. In some cases, USC, UCLA, and NYU Ė a LOT of money. There is a lot to be learned in film school. There is also a lot to be learned on your own. Going to film school does not guarantee you a job, but the networking, relationships, equipment, and the creative environment has a value that canít be measured.

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Posted on 2010/7/21 15:37:04

Scott Spears

(NOTE: The original article was written just before the release of ďThe VillageĒ and I donít talk about some of the later and not so great Shyamalan movies.)

My advice to microbudget filmmakers is take a look at the films of M. Night Shyamalan. These films could be made for almost no money if you take out the name stars and do a little trimming in the scope of some scenes. Night's filmmaking is very basic with little or no "showy" shots. Hell, in "Unbreakable" most scenes play in one shot.

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Posted on 2010/7/9 13:20:45

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