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Posted on 2011/12/22 0:04:00


Framelines presents SEASON 1 DVD feature on the 48 Hour Film ProjectEpisodes 7 and 8 of the first season of FRAMELINES, the show on filmmaking in the Midwest. With profiles of filmmakers, on set visits, tech tips, interviews with actors, and roundtable discussions, FRAMELINES has something for anyone involved with making movies.

These episodes feature KC Allen, Louie Cowan, Kelly Gingery, TJ Cooley, Shane Howard, Jenn Deafenbauch, and scOtt summit, and more

CLICK HERE TO BUY Framelines disc 04 DVD

FRAMELINES, now airing throughout the Midwest on PBS and cable channels! The DVD's feature bonus content not shown in the broadcast. This disc includes profiles of additional filmmakers from the 48 Hour Film Project Columbus

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