News : Thanks to Sponsors! IndieGoGo continues!
Posted on 2016/5/25 13:10:19

He just hit the 40% mark on our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign!

Many thanks to Jason Tostevin, Dianna Craig, Jacob Patrick, Jim Higgins, Bo Buckley, Johnny K. Wu, Dave Barak, Rob Robol, John Maslowski, Matt Hudson, Donald Gregory and Cleveland Camera Rental, Jon Osbeck, John Whitney, Tim Baldwin, Garrett Clancy, Vidas Barzdukas, Chuck Jackson/Bright Waters FX, Gil Whitney, Mickey Fisher, Tommy McClure, Brent Cowan, Louie Cowan, Jonathan Ammon, Matt Erman and Capture 1 Studios, Mark Rylance, and jgoldilox. You are making this season possible.

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