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In this interactive project, you will have the chance to animate layers from storyboards from Walter Nalley of Nalley Art.

INTERACTIVE TUTORIAL - Animatics, animating storyboards from Framelines TV on Vimeo.

Download the PNG images from
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Older episodes of FRAMELINES will now air on DATV in Dayton, Ohio.

Sunday 7:00pm
Fridays 9:00am

See FRAMELINES on Time Warner channel 5 in Dayton, Riverside and Butler Twp. and on channel 6 or 23 in Dayton's northern suburbs.

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Posted on 2016/6/4 13:16:48

INTERACTIVE - Car Chase from Framelines TV on Vimeo.

Framelines ( presents an interactive online editing exercise. Download all the footage and sound FX and create your own edit of a Car Chase. Use the clips we are providing to create your very own unique action scene, using your own editing software. There are a million ways to take the same footage and put it together. Feel free and show us your edit!

This is royalty free footage that anyone can use and publicly display. Put your edit online with our permission!

ON VIMEO (use the “download clip” function to get the footage now!) CLICK HERE TO GET FOOTAGE

This footage is 23.976 Frames Per Second (24P) - 1920x1080P

Each clip is MOS, meaning without any production audio. Also, each clip has multiple shots in it separated by a cigarette burn hole.

Download free sound FX to complete your edit HERE

Make sure to get permission for any music you use in your edit! Need royalty free music? try Sonnyboo’s Royalty Free Music

Please credit any usage of these shots to:

Cinematography by Mike Tavares

Produced and Directed by Peter John Ross

Starring Brandy Seymour

shot on location downtown Columbus, Ohio

Please use the Hashtag #FRAMELINESTV on your edit when you post online

footage courtesy of and

© Copyright -™


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Posted on 2016/5/25 13:10:19

He just hit the 40% mark on our IndieGoGo fundraising campaign!

Many thanks to Jason Tostevin, Dianna Craig, Jacob Patrick, Jim Higgins, Bo Buckley, Johnny K. Wu, Dave Barak, Rob Robol, John Maslowski, Matt Hudson, Donald Gregory and Cleveland Camera Rental, Jon Osbeck, John Whitney, Tim Baldwin, Garrett Clancy, Vidas Barzdukas, Chuck Jackson/Bright Waters FX, Gil Whitney, Mickey Fisher, Tommy McClure, Brent Cowan, Louie Cowan, Jonathan Ammon, Matt Erman and Capture 1 Studios, Mark Rylance, and jgoldilox. You are making this season possible.

Posted on 2016/5/21 10:22:43 did a story on the FRAMELINES Screening this coming Monday at the Gateway Film Center.


Posted on 2016/5/1 20:30:28

Framelines presents an Interactive Editing Project! Anyone can download the clips and edit the scene together however you want.

INTERACTIVE - L Cuts/Hospital Scene from Framelines TV on Vimeo.


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